Swindon Good News For A Change

Well hello to all.

This Blog is all about good news only. Yes I know that it is wrong not to show bad news as well but I show that elsewhere. At the moment this blog is about good news about and around the Swindon area. Why am I doing this. Well the main reason is that I believe that the more good news is seen and published that people will feel more positive and therefore be more positive and ultimately society and the economy will benefit from us all being positive.

Why do I feel like this. Firstly I spend quite a bit of time covering stories in Spain. It is, as a country in a far worse state than the UK but when you talk to (most) of the people they are still happy smiling and positive and they will tell you that the Spanish people keep their worries inside and hence still enjoy and take part in fiestas etc. Secondly I believe in the writings of John Maynard Keynes in that we have to ‘boost animal spirits’ ‘spend your way out of recession’ and the government has to take responsibility for stimulating the economy. Optimism rules.

For instance in last weekends Sunday Times there was a number of articles about how the economy is starting to recover, green shoots and all that and that real incomes will be up next year. But very little of it is shown on the TV. Yes I am as p’d off as everybody else with the banks and the banking system etc (and cover many protests about it all), but how often do we see really good news, except during the Olympics!!!!

I would also like to say that I am a photo journalist and not a writer and hence my posts will probably have lots of spelling mistakes and bad grammar but hey that makes me more human. I will be and am inviting guest bloggers to contribute to this blog and I am sure and hope their writte English will be far better than mine. So anybody out there reading this and you want to contribute please feel free to contact me.

So as a first bit of good news I would like to say congratulations to and point out that the Swindon Company UBIQUISYS a telecomms provider has come 12th in the Sunday Times ‘Britain’s 100 Fastest-Growing Private Technology Companies’ list. Also, Dick Lovett has just taken delivery of new stock of about £1M worth of new Ferraris as well as exsisting stock. So in my mind he must feel quite positive about the future. Well done him.

Ok, that is enough of my ramblings for this opening post.

Kind Regards to all



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