Cotswold 113 Triathlon a big Success

Thats what friends are for

Thats what friends are for


My first example of good news and success in and around Swindon is the Cotswold 113 Triathlon. It is a local half ironman triathlon which was set up a couple of years ago now by Graeme Hardie a local triathlete and Ironman. Every race has been sold out well before the cut off dates and has been voted as one of the countries best races. Everybody who enters really enjoy the race and the course and is fast becoming a ‘must do race’. It has also become a successful company and set to grow. All this started with Graham and a few friends doing ‘training 1/2 Ironmans’ and he decided to put a race on officially. It worked.

Why am I highliting this, well firstly it is a successful company and secondly there is no shortage of people in a time of recession to spend money on races, expensive bikes, wetsuits, running kit etc. Are they doing it instead of going on holiday or denying themselves of other things, I doubt it. Keep it up is what I say.

Next, why have I used this picture. Well it is one I took at the Cotswold 113 Half Ironman. It is of Mark Airey carrying Joe Townsend through transistion and to his bike. As you will notice Joe (an ex Royal Marine) was competing in the race (and in fact went on to compete in Ironman UK), despite having both legs blown off by an IED in Afghanistan. Joe was also the person who during the Paralymic Games flew in on wires with the torch. I also wanted to highlight the fact that Mark could have raced far quicker but wanted to carry Joe through transistion, because he was his mate. Thats what friends are for eh!!!!

There are good people out there and not everybody is out for themselves.



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