Swindon Brunel Autumn Fashion Week

Well I had a fun several hours over four days at the Swindon Brunel Autumn Fashion Week. It was a pleasure working with Kerry from the Brunel and all the models and presenters from the shows. They were all so nice and helpful even giving me my own private photo shoots. I took some 1000 images and so I found it very difficult to choose what to use so these are just a quick selection of the few days. I have to say though that the Swindon Public did not support this great effort very well. The first two days the only audience was myself and a few security guards. The third day was better but only because it was New College students, so the audience was mainly other students/friends and family. Saturday was so much better and drew quite an audience at the various shows, not as much as I would have liked to have seen but OK I guess.

Come on though Swindon, let’s get behind these initiatives, they are free and only take up a few minutes of your time to watch these things. And the more people attend them, the more and the more diverse shows will get put on.

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