Swindon Children In Need Steam Museum

OK, so no images on this post and I dont want it to sound like sour grapes or anything but ..

A few weeks ago I applied for a Media Pass for the Children in Need event here in Swindon at the Steam Museum. I am a local Swindon resident, I am a photographer/photojournalist published locally, Nationally and Internationally, published author and have been CRB checked and a member of the NUJ and I couldnt get a media pass. Between the BBC and the Steam Museum they decided that only one photographer would be allowed in and that they would own the copyright to all of those images!!!

Firstly I dont understand the logic of that decision (I will be questioning them on it), but, more importantly, for me and indeed for any aspiring photographer or photojournalist, how does one develop in the industry if, when there are major events like this, one cannot get a media pass?

I know that this is a hard industry to be in, I know that it is who you know and not always what you know, I understand that contacts mean everything but when every opportunity is hit with a brick wall, it’s difficult to know how to get the breaks. I am 57 years old and have a huge amount of experience in the military and the corporate world so not quite so important for me but I feel sorry for young people just starting out in this industry.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and meanwhile I continue to pursue every avenue for future stories and photos.


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