Colin Woolway drumming master class

Colin Woolway

Colin Woolway

Well I have not posted anything for quite a while. Reason being that I am pleased to say I have been really busy recently. Amongst other things I am rebuilding and re branding myself and all will be ready very soon. This blog will change but only the theme as I look for new and exciting themes. Mainly it will be my website, logo and total brand.

Just wanted to put this photo up. Last monday night I attended a drumming master class by a very well known drummer Colin Woolway both amongst bands and session artists. From the moment he started playing I was as they say ‘gobsmacked’. It was absolutely fascinating and a pleasure to watch and listen to. And I am not a musician in any way shape or form. I do love music though. What else surprised me was just how technical it all was. I was lost in the first few minutes!!!!

The master class was held at Alan Homes music shop here in Swindon and I for one really enjoyed it.

With this photo I have just messed around a little by turning it to black and white and playing with the levels a bit and not a lot else. As anybody who knows me I am not very good and dont believe in too much post processing. I try to get it right in camera. It was taken on a Nikon D800 and so had huge files to work on.

Interesting half hour though just messing about with the image. I quite like it. I hope you do.

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