Raymond Dunn Swindon Hero or Villain

Raymond Dunn

Raymond Dunn

Well it depends where you come from.

This is not a new photograph. In fact I took it prob about 5 or 6 years ago. Why? Well I was just wandering around the graveyard of The Christ Church on Cricklade Rd Swindon and came across this headstone. It really interested me as do a lot of Military grave stones. So I did a little bit of research.
Private Raymond Dunn was in 2 Para and was 20 years old when he died on the 27th August 1979. He was one of the 18 Soldiers killed at the Warren Point Massacre, a guerilla assault by the Provisional IRA South Armagh Brigade.
Raymond Dunn died in a Military Conflict, like modern day conflicts, did he want to be there?, did he understand why he was there? did he die believing in a cause or because he was just unlucky to have been sent there? Was he part of an occupying force that should never have been there?
Hero or Villain, you have to decide.

Sunday Project – No More

Well no photo of Sunday anymore. Why? I have been carrying out quite a bit of research and despite it being only the 4th Sunday of the year I have decided to bin it because it is not providing any benefit to me or anybody else. Stats are showing very few hits on those posts and to be honest I can understand why. There is no theme and is therefore completely random and unless I am on another assignment then I am just taking an image just for the sake of it with very little thought behind it. With very little information around the photo, why it was taken etc then why would anybody actually be interested in reading it.

What I should be doing more of is explaining things and why I do them, how I do them etc.

So as a start, I did a small photo shoot this morning. It was only mug shots for the person to send off as part of his profile as part of a competition. It was carried out in a gym, (in the squash court to be precise) where lighting is just awful. And short of getting the flash and umbrellas out it was a case of the ISO at 3200 and hope for the best. I just did not feel happy with the results which prob will suffice for what it was for but I just did not feel satisfied. Which at the end of the day is what it is all about for me. I have to feel emotionally involved in what I am doing and I didnt. Is that true of all professional photographers? I dont want to just earn money and not feel as though I have not done a good job.

So this blog is going to go back to the Swindon News/Photojournalism and I am not going to try to combine other things with it.

Likewise I am going to re-design my website to provide a better experience, better show case for my better images from both the UK and Spain and try to make it more interesting.

Army Reserve Marches through Swindon on the 70th Anniversary of El Alamain

On Sunday 21st Oct I had the pleasure of photographing A Squadron Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry march through Swindon on the 70th Anniversary of the battle of El Alamain.
It was mid morning when I grabbed my NIKON‘S and made my way up to the TA Centre in Swindon. There the Squadron were just preparing to go on parade and march off. I managed to have a chat with some of the guys and what a nice bunch of guys there are. So friendly and accommodating of a photographer getting in the way. After taking photos before they set off I walked with them through the town trying my hardest not to walk ‘in step’ with the band which after having spend 15 years in the forces myself I found very hard not to do!!!!
After they marched pass the saluting dias in Commercial Rd they made their way round to the Civic Offices, where they were addressed by amongst others the Mayor Mick Bray himself a veteran of the R.A.F.
The parade from start to finish was well supported by the people of Swindon and I really enjoyed myself doing the shoot.
I took over 100 images only a few of which I have shown here. I used two camera bodies for both wide and close up shots. This was useful as I think if I had to have swapped lenses all the time I would have missed some of the best shots.
All in all a good mornings shoot.