Swindon folk enjoy The Last Night Of The Proms

Last night was the Last Night of the Proms and inSwindon put on the celebrations in Wharf Green followed by the screening of the Last Night of the Proms from London on the Big Screen. Despite the fact that it got a little bit chilly it was lovely and dry and people came out and packed out Wharf Green. Free Union Jack hats and flags were given out by inSwindon and everybody got into the mood and wore the hats and waved the flags. A nice night for all and a success for inSwindon and Kirsty Heber-Smith the event organiser.

Reading Festival the Mosh Pit

A random selection of images from the Mosh Pit at Reading Festival. It was absolutely fascinating watching it and if I had have had an older camera with me I would have gone into it and shot from within the Mosh Pit.

It looked a lot of fun.

Reading Festival some of the crowds

A small random selection of the images from shooting the Reading Festival this year 2013.

Reading Festival behind the scenes.

Just a few images from the three days of shooting at Reading Festival this year 2013.

These are a randon selection of shots taken behind the scenes, the areas that the general public does not get to see.

Reading Festival Some of the Bands

Just a few images, from a random selection from all of the images of the bands I took at Reading Festival last weekend.
I will say more about it in other blogs about the Mosh Pit, behind the scenes etc but just to say it was an amazing experience and I learnt a huge amount, about festivals, photography, contracts, the press, and the NIKON D4.

Anyway as I say just a random selection (and I have not worked on them yet)from the hundreds and hundreds of images from the festival.

Swindon Pride nearly got my eye poked out !!!!!

I love my job and Swindon Pride on Saturday was no exception. I love being in the pit at concerts and festivals, you feel and are so much closer to the acts sometimes you feel part of them. However one particular act on Saturday I nearly got my eye poked out by being so close to the stage. For those of you who were there and saw the bloke then you will know what I mean, for those of you who were not then take a look at the last photo. Jeez it was positively dangerous being in the pit.

All that aside it was a really great day and I enjoyed it. Everybody was really friendly and just well getting on and enjoying themselves. I think there was a bit of trouble at one point but quite minor I believe but other than that a fun day.

I only have one criticism and it is a small one and it is both mine and I spoke to a few others who thought that it wasnt Gay enough. For me it sometimes felt more like a festival rather than Gay Pride and I and a few others would like to have seen it ‘more Gay’

A good day out.

Retro Fever at Swindon Bowl the audience was ‘jumping’

Last night was Retro Fever at the Swindon Bowl. Fortunately there were only a few light showers and nothing to dampen the spirit of the audience. It was ‘jumping’ as they say. For me Heatwave were the best of the night and they performed ‘Boogie Nights’ twice which was great. The Real Thing were really good as well. Both of these groups are something I like. My time was the 70’s and I love Soul, Tamla, Reggae etc so for me it was great. Alvin Stardust was really good but for me just not the type of music I really like but he was good value for money and the audience loved him.

So another good night for music fans in Swindon.

Swindon Big Summer Session The Audience

Just a small selection of images of the audience from the two days of The Big Summer Session in Swindon.

Now I am not going to repeat what I said in the other post. But I am going to say I thought the audience were absolutely great. Despite all of the weather problems all of the people I spoke to were happy, enjoying themselves and having a jolly good time. It is so nice to watch people enjoying themselves.

A success if you ask me.

Swindon Big Summer Session the Artists

Just a small selection of images of the artists from both days of the Big Summer Session.

Now I know and appreciate that there were lots of complaint about different things and I really can not comment other than I know for definite that the organisers did work extremely hard to make it a success. There was so much hard work going on behind the scenes that people dont see and are to ready to complain. And of course there was the weather. It was awful but what can you do about it. It was an outdoor event and this is Britain.
After years and years of racing (running and duathlon and triathlon) that there is nothing you can do about the weather so you just have to go with it.
I did get really worried about my camera gear at one point. Mine and others cameras got very very wet and I for one got quite worried about them failing and long term damage !!!!!

So I for one apart from the weather on sat say it was a success and say thank you to the organisers for putting it on.

Jessie J, Paul Weller, Jools Holland a good weekend at Westonbirt

I spent a very enjoyable and tiring weekend covering the Westonbirt Arboretum Forest Concerts.

Friday was Jessie J, Saturday was Paul Weller and Sunday was Jools Holland. All of the concerts were excellent but for me Jessie J and Jools Holland take top spot. Both were so good and both interacted with the audience so well it just made it them so much better. Paul Weller I have to say didnt interact with the audience very much at all.

It was also very interesting to observe the audience over the three nights. Jessie J was very much mum’s and daughters, Paul Weller was very much middle aged men with hair cuts made to look like that of Paul Weller and quite a bit of drinking going on. Jools Holland was very refined mixed sex, mixed age group.

I took close to 1600 images and found it really difficult to choose which ones to use so these are a fairly random selection from the collection.

All in all a good weekend and lots of lessons learnt being a photographer at big gigs rather than the more local ones I usually cover.