Retro Fever at Swindon Bowl the audience was ‘jumping’

Last night was Retro Fever at the Swindon Bowl. Fortunately there were only a few light showers and nothing to dampen the spirit of the audience. It was ‘jumping’ as they say. For me Heatwave were the best of the night and they performed ‘Boogie Nights’ twice which was great. The Real Thing were really good as well. Both of these groups are something I like. My time was the 70’s and I love Soul, Tamla, Reggae etc so for me it was great. Alvin Stardust was really good but for me just not the type of music I really like but he was good value for money and the audience loved him.

So another good night for music fans in Swindon.

Boogie Nights Hits Swindon in a big way at the Wyvern Theatre



Last night I went to the opening night of the hit West End show Boogie Nights at Swindon Wyvern Theatre. What a night, it was great. It was so much fun. All of the cast were great and for the most seemed to be enjoying themselves. The audience took a little while to let go and get up and dance in the isles but by the end I think everybody apart from a few who were unable to stand, were up and dancing, YMCA went down particularly well not least because Chico had his shirt off and even I have to say he was ‘buff’.
Just one slight criticism if any was that the sound was not quite right. I think some of the mic’s were not set up or working properly but to be honest didnt spoil it that much.

The photo above is one I took at the photoshoot a few weeks ago where I chatted to the cast and again have to say what fun they were.

My advice, go see, if you have any 70’s gear, wear it and dont forget to stand up and dance.