Holmes Music Store Vinyl Record Weekend

Well, here I am back again. It has been a very busy few weeks and hence no posts for quite a while. Not the least I ran the London Marathon last Sunday. I wasnt happy with my time as I got tripped up at mile 5 and face planted the road. However I was very very proud of Kirsty Heber-Smith who ran it in a time of 3.44, exactly as we had planned it and also raised £2.5K for the charity Goldenhar which is one close to our hearts. If you dont know what Goldenhar is please chaeck it out, it’s worth it.

Anyhow back to photography. I spent several hours over two days at Alan Holmes Music shop where they were celebrating Vinyl Record weekend with lots of live music by local bands and artists. I wont list them all out as there were too many to mention, but I was impressed with all of them. Have to say the lighting was a nightmare as they had a back drop of the window and day 1 was bright sunshine, day 2 was dark clouds and rain!!! good old British Easter eh!!!! However the good thing about situations like that is firstly it is good to work in difficult situations that are out of your control and secondly you can get up close and personal and nobody minds.

It was a good weekend. I have also a very busy week coming up this week, lots of photographic jobs on so should be posting a lot in the next week and less rambling on 🙂


Colin Woolway drumming master class

Colin Woolway

Colin Woolway

Well I have not posted anything for quite a while. Reason being that I am pleased to say I have been really busy recently. Amongst other things I am rebuilding and re branding myself and all will be ready very soon. This blog will change but only the theme as I look for new and exciting themes. Mainly it will be my website, logo and total brand.

Just wanted to put this photo up. Last monday night I attended a drumming master class by a very well known drummer Colin Woolway both amongst bands and session artists. From the moment he started playing I was as they say ‘gobsmacked’. It was absolutely fascinating and a pleasure to watch and listen to. And I am not a musician in any way shape or form. I do love music though. What else surprised me was just how technical it all was. I was lost in the first few minutes!!!!

The master class was held at Alan Homes music shop here in Swindon and I for one really enjoyed it.

With this photo I have just messed around a little by turning it to black and white and playing with the levels a bit and not a lot else. As anybody who knows me I am not very good and dont believe in too much post processing. I try to get it right in camera. It was taken on a Nikon D800 and so had huge files to work on.

Interesting half hour though just messing about with the image. I quite like it. I hope you do.