In Swindon a lone Veteran stands in silence to mark the funeral of Lee Rigby

a veteran lee rigby funeral

a veteran lee rigby funeral

An Army Veteran stands alone at the Swindon War Memorial at 11:00 to mark the minutes silence for the funeral of Drummer Lee Rigby which was taking place in Bury, Greater Manchester. As I am sure you all know Drummer Rigby was killed in a very inhumane way in Woolwich, London in May.

There were a couple of others there to pay their respects but they stood well back from the memorial. I saw no other evidence in Swindon of anybody else observing a minutes silence.

Swindon, how it marks the Funeral of Margaret Thatcher a piece of history.

So, this is how Swindon marks a historic event. I for one am very disappointed in the fact that there was nowhere in the Town Centre to watch the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. Now this is absolutely nothing to do with any political leanings I may or may not hold, it is about an event in history and as you can see by these two photos taken shortly after ten o’ clock this morning. Which is when the funeral was taking place in London.
The Big Screen was not showing the news as it usually does and only had an advert on it for an art event that was not due to start till 11.30 so in my mind they could have shown the funeral on the big screen. Now those of you who follow my twitter will have noticed that I did question inSwindon about it and there only response (both on Twitter and by phone) was oh it wasnt planned to show it!!!!!
I also took the time to talk to several people in Wharf Green and they like me would like to have watched the funeral on the Big Screen and were as equally disappointed as I am.

As someone who likes and supports Swindon I just feel a little let down by the town on this occasion.

What do other people think?????