Swindon Gay Pride Parade August 2015

Well, first thing to say is that I have failed to keep up with my at least one blog post per week this year. I have really just been either so busy or I have just lost my enthusiasm for it. Either way I am going to try to make up for it and post loads of images from what I have been doing.

Last sat was Swindon Gay Pride 2015. I had fun photographing the parade but to be honest my heart wasn’t in it when it came to the music and just hanging around. I think I left about 4.30 and probably missed quite a bit but I firmly believe that photography is an art form and your heart has to be in it as well as your head.

More catch up posts to come.

Swindon Pride nearly got my eye poked out !!!!!

I love my job and Swindon Pride on Saturday was no exception. I love being in the pit at concerts and festivals, you feel and are so much closer to the acts sometimes you feel part of them. However one particular act on Saturday I nearly got my eye poked out by being so close to the stage. For those of you who were there and saw the bloke then you will know what I mean, for those of you who were not then take a look at the last photo. Jeez it was positively dangerous being in the pit.

All that aside it was a really great day and I enjoyed it. Everybody was really friendly and just well getting on and enjoying themselves. I think there was a bit of trouble at one point but quite minor I believe but other than that a fun day.

I only have one criticism and it is a small one and it is both mine and I spoke to a few others who thought that it wasnt Gay enough. For me it sometimes felt more like a festival rather than Gay Pride and I and a few others would like to have seen it ‘more Gay’

A good day out.