Swindon new independent businesses or not

Well today it was announced that there were less independent businesses being created than for the last few years.
I wonder why this is.
Do you think it may be because nobody is prepared to help and I mean really help small businesses other than giving them a high interest bank loan or charging them high business rates???!!!!!! Here in Swindon despite the lack of help, small businesses are starting up. Ok if you look at the images attached there are quite a few boarded up shops that make the place look bad, but two of them show new businesses that have recently started trading, one of which only opened a few days ago.
Lets get rid of more of the dark seedy looking shopfronts, replace them with new and exciting new businesses, the better it looks the more chance of even more investment. The above are all in Old Town Swindon. The main ‘New’ part of Swindon is having a long needed huge amount of investment and being redevelopment. Lets not forget about Old Town eh.

Growth figures down – Not in Swindon

Well today it was anounced that growth figures were down (again). Well I for one just dont believe it, at least not in Swindon anyway, and I guess other towns. When I go down to town I see plenty of people shopping and not just looking. Also if trading figures are low why cant you haggle with these people. There are also a number of companies around here that are doing really well. I also go to a few business/networking meetings and I see nothing but positive people who are doing ok. Although I have to say they are the small business rather than the big corporate houses who may/may not be doing well.

I would love to trade in my old camera gear for nice new stuff but there just are no discounts available anywhere!!!!! There seems to be no downward growth in the photo industry.

On a lighter note, Happy Birthday to the Magic Roundabout, 40 years old this week.

The Magic Roundabout

The Magic Roundabout