Swindon Big Screen and my photos

Hi Guys,

This post is a bit of indulgence rather than photojournalism. Lots and lots of my images are now being screened on The Big Screen at Wharf Green here in Swindon. These images don’t do it justice. I am/was well impressed when seeing my images displayed on such a huge screen. Interestingly they are not even hi res copies, just the normal low res stuff used on the web and yet it looks really good. More and more of my work will be shown up on the screen so please look out for them. In fact more and more of my work is going to be displayed around Swindon in the next few months. So please feel free to give me feedback. Good or bad.

Many thanks for looking.


The 39 Steps Swindon Wyvern Theatre

Last week I was one of the photographers at the photo call for The 39 Steps at The Swindon Steam Museum The production of one of the World’s Favourite Comedies is being put on at the and by The Swindon Wyvern Theatre http://www.wyverntheatre.org.uk from the 4th to the 9th of February.
The photo shoot was so much fun. The two members of the cast were Richard Ede and Charlotte Peters, they were such fun to work with, knew exactly what was required by us and made it a very pleasurable experience.
Technically it was quite difficult as it was quite a dull day outside and so there was very little natural light coming through the roof and so flash was a must. I dont really like using flash but I do think in this case it worked out quite well and I was pleased with most of the results.
If you get the chance book up and go to see the production, it looks like a lot of fun.