Matt And Monique Fiddes Foxx get mobbed at Swindon School

This lunch time I spent a lovely hour photographing Monique Fiddes Foxx and Matt Fiddes at the Lydiard Academy Sports day. Matt gave a motivational speech and answered lots and lots of questions from pupils including one young girl who asked Matt if he would be her bodyguard if she became famous. Monique sang some of her favourite numbers and did an excellent job of it, it was sooooo hot out there on the track especially when lots and lots of pupils joined in the dancing.

It was so funny though as all athletics stopped and a lot of dancing took place followed by both Matt and Monique being mobbed by pupils all trying to say hello and/or get autographs. Including one young man who had no paper on him so got Monique to sign his forehead!!!!

Matt is a former pupil of Lydiard Academy which used to be known as Greendown School.

Matt Fiddes meets Michael Jackson Tribute in Swindon

Yesterday I had the most fun photoshoot.

I met up with Matt Fiddes and his lovely wife Monique Fiddes Foxx and Ben the Michael Jackson Tribute act. Firstly it was uncanny how much Ben looked like Michael Jackson, his moves and mannerisms were perfect and he sang a few lines and wow, sounded like MJ as well. It was also fascinating meeting Matt and Monique. Matt is a former friend and bodyguard of the real Michael Jackson for many years and knew him well. Matt a Martial Artist and successful business man comes from Swindon and went to Greendown school here. It was interesting to watch the dynamics between Matt and Ben as they talked about Michael. Matt also brought along and allowed Ben to use the hat that Jackson used in the video Smooth Criminal, signed and presented to Matt.

Monique Fiddes Foxx is a singer and presenter superstar from South Africa and presently has a number one single there. In South Africa she gets mobbed everywhere she goes so it must have been really nice for her to have a low key photoshoot.

I have to say what lovely lovely people they are. They are so friendly and they made me feel very relaxed which allowed me to do my job and importantly for me to really enjoy it.

Jackson in Concert will be showing at Swindon Wyvern Theatre on the 23rd June. It promises to be a sell out and I would defy anybody not to be up and dancing for some or all of the show.

Another go see in my opinion.