Jamaica 50 a Stunning Performance in Swindon

Last night I attended the performance of Jamaica 50 by the Gazebo Theatre Group at the Swindon Arts Centre in Old Town as part of the Jamaican 50 years of Independance Celebrations. I have to say it was really really good, stunning in fact. The performers were first class, the music was just epic and was an interesting lesson in Jamaican history. A thoroughly entertaining evening. And what is more they allowed me a private photo shoot. The guys above were just great and did everything I asked of them and I also want to thank the Swindon Arts Centre for allowing me to do the photo shoot. It does not happen very often and so I am very thankful to them. We need more of this drama from a different culture. Thankyou Sylvester Williams, Tonia Daley-Campbell and Prince Jamo of Gazebo and Thankyou Swindon Arts Center for putting it on.