Reading Festival the Mosh Pit

A random selection of images from the Mosh Pit at Reading Festival. It was absolutely fascinating watching it and if I had have had an older camera with me I would have gone into it and shot from within the Mosh Pit.

It looked a lot of fun.


Reading Festival some of the crowds

A small random selection of the images from shooting the Reading Festival this year 2013.

Reading Festival behind the scenes.

Just a few images from the three days of shooting at Reading Festival this year 2013.

These are a randon selection of shots taken behind the scenes, the areas that the general public does not get to see.

Reading Festival Some of the Bands

Just a few images, from a random selection from all of the images of the bands I took at Reading Festival last weekend.
I will say more about it in other blogs about the Mosh Pit, behind the scenes etc but just to say it was an amazing experience and I learnt a huge amount, about festivals, photography, contracts, the press, and the NIKON D4.

Anyway as I say just a random selection (and I have not worked on them yet)from the hundreds and hundreds of images from the festival.