Junior Doctors Strike at Swindon Great Western Hospital

Tuesday 12th Jan saw the first day of the National Junior Doctors series of strike days. There was a good turn out of support on the picket line outside of The Great western Hospital in Swindon. The Junior Doctors were joined by The Green Party and by The Swindon Peoples Assembly who showed solidarity with the strikers.


Swindon Fire Brigade turn out to Major Fire at Swindon Scrap Yard

Despite being on strike Swindon Fire Brigade turned out to a major fire at a scrap yard in Swindon late this afternoon and early evening. These guys were absolutely dripping in sweat running around working to get control of the fire. Black smoke could be seen for miles around and it will be smouldering for quite a few days to come.

And the fire brigade, well should we not support their cause. Despite their conflict with the government over pay and pensions etc they still come out and look after us the public.

Well done guys, you have my support.