Swindon Remembers

The weather was perfect this morning for the 2014 Remembrance Service held in Swindon Town Centre at the Cenotaph. There was probably 2000 people attending. Amongst those were Robert Buckland MP South Swindon and Solicitor General, Justin Tomlinson MP Swindon North, Councillor Teresa Page Mayor of Swindon and David Renard leader of Swindon Council.

The Nice People Of Swindon


Whilst out taking shots for another couple of stories this morning I met this chap. Let’s just call him Bob for now. Well, Bob is not the most smartly dressed gent around, has an eye patch and a huge dog with a muzzle on. Not the sort of person most people would stop and have a chat with.
Well I did and enjoyed it. Bob walks his dog every day without fail. Why? Well he loves his dog but also it is good therapy for himself. He has had a severe stroke which has left him with reduced movement and blind in one eye. He also has been knocked down by a car and is waiting for an operation to have his knee repaired. Does it get him down. No. He refuses to give in to his run of bad luck and just sit around waiting for life to happen around him. He gets out, walks and talks to people.
And you may or may not be surprised to hear that he has saved the life of one of the local Swindonians. Whilst out walking with his dog one day, he came across a car with windows closed, engine running and a tube from exhaust to inside the car. Bob did all the same things that any of us would do, I would hope, 999 etc. The police said that if he had not have found him the chap would have died. Although I didnt see it myself it was all in the Swindon Adver etc.

So, not everybody is as they seem !!!!!