Wychwood Music Festival 2016

Just a very small selection from the 1000’s of images I took at this years Wychwood Music Festival in Cheltenham over the weekend.
It was a roaring success as it is every year and I really enjoyed myself. Lots of images uploaded to my agency, lots of fun and lots of interesting people.

I was also chuffed to bits as I got to meet Craig Charles and he signed one of my images of him from a previous year at Wychwood and he genuinely liked it. I also got Pauline Black from The Selector to sign a print I made of her from a previous gig.

Wychwood is a really good family friendly festival. It isn’t so big it is a problem but big enough to attract decent named acts and huge crowds, all of which were and are very well behaved.

All in all for me a very good weekend.


Wychwood Music Festival Day Three

Another long day at Wychwood Music Festival and only a small selection of the many images I took on the final day, mainly because I need to rush off to the airport for a flight to Spain, (no sleep for me tonight I am afraid).

Amongst others on day three were Bob Geldoff and The Boomtown Rats, Lee Thompson’s Ska Orchestra, Gentleman’s Dub Club, Sadie and The Hotheads and Gabby Young and Other Animals.

All in all a very good festival, very friendly, very relaxed, staff were just great really helpful and I will definitely go again.

Newton Faulkner at Wychwood Festival

Newton Faulkner another great artist and character at Wychwood Festival very impressed and a real crowd puller.

Buster Blood Vessel and Bad Manners at Wychwood

Another classic band at Wychwood Festival, Bad Manners and Buster Blood Vessel. They were excellent and have not changed a bit over the years. Had a photo call with the guys back stage and Buster was great, what a character. I havent processed the images yet but he was really friendly and poured beer all over himself and his now famous tongue.


La Chiva Gantiva at Wychwood absolutely WOW

La Chiva Gantiva
Well if you have read my tweets you will know how impressed I was with these guys. They were unbelievable. If you like Afro, Columbian, Funk, Latin and a bit of Rock you just have to check these guys out. Talk about energy, jeez, I thought I was ok running and cycling most days but these guys beat me. They just didnt stop. The music was brilliant and they were sooo entertaining to watch.

Excellent stuff check them out.

Newquay Times Swindon Band on the main stage at Wychwood Music Festival

Swindon band Newquay Times was not only the second band to take to the main stage at the Wychwood Music Festival but they were the second Swindon band.

Swindon leads the way with music yet again.

A Way With Words Swindon Band opens Main Stage at Wychwood Music Festival

Swindon band A Way With Words opened up the main stage at the Wychwood Music Festival a 3 day festival in Cheltenham celebrating Music, food, drink and everything else.