Hairspray and the SYP at Wyvern Theatre

The SYP put on yet another stunning performance in 2015 with Hairspray at The Wyvern Theatre in Swindon.

To me it was as good as any professional production, which was also probably reflected in the fact that all showings were fully booked before hand. Very enjoyable.

I got carried away and took 1200 images. Over 200 will be being used on a disc of images from the production I am proud to say. With that many images it is very difficult to decide which ones are not only technically the best but the ones that show the production at its best. Hopefully I did a good job.


Swindon Town Centre Stops for Sixthsense Flashmob

There was a small flashmob held by the Swindon Youth Theatre Sixthsense, Saturday lunchtime in the centre of Swindon Town Centre. Although small it attracted a large crowd who stopped their shopping to support the flashmob.
There were a number of photographers there from various Swindon organisations ranging from TotalSwindon to the Swindon Advertiser, the photographers nearly managed a flashmob of their own.
There is a joke in there somewhere 🙂